hackJam 2016 - Turning ideas into reality @HKUST

Different from any traditional Hackathon, hackJam understands your interests and focus mostly on the technical side.  Codes and creativity are what we are looking forward to.  Putting aside the business perspective and setting the workable time period to an explosive 6 hours, it is definitely a great opportunity for new comers, and of course the well-experienced, to come and have a taste of our event.  Link up with other programmers, brainstorm, discuss, and be innovative!

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$10,800 in prizes

Champion - Microsoft Surface Pro 4

First Runner Up - VR devices

Second Runner Up - Orico USB HUB

Best Technical Implementation - Free .tech domains (By Radix Registry)

Best Open Source Developers - Free PyCon HK 2016 (An open source conference) tickets

Honorable mentions (2)

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Samson Lee

Samson Lee
Microsoft Hong Kong Limited

Ben Cheng

Ben Cheng

Ho Wa Wong

Ho Wa Wong

Sammy Fung

Sammy Fung
Open Source Hong Kong

Nickey Khemchandani

Nickey Khemchandani
BSD Code and Design Academy

Judging Criteria

  • UI/UX Design (30%)
    The user interface and user experience design. It is mainly focused on the front-end features.
  • Open Source Development and Collaboration (20%)
    The team collaboration via Git/GitHub. Teams are expected to show their commit log messages during the final presentations.
  • Technical Implementation and Explanation (30%)
    Teams are expected to explain the best feature in source code level. Judges will use their expertise to evaluate the technical presentation.
  • Presentations and Q & A (20%)
    The overall performance during the final presentations and Q and A sessions.